FYV Mini – Session 6 – Operatic Tone


Session 6 – Operatic Tone

What We Will Cover:
We will look at the operatic tone quality in this short session.
These highly trained operatic singers are using tried and tested techniques.
We get to learn a little from their skills today!

Vocal Tones
As we said earlier in this mini course there are a lot of vocal tones ‘out there’ and available for you to explore and maybe adopt for your vocal adventures.

Sing Through
Make some room now 😃 to sing through ‘Amazing Grace’ with whatever you think an ‘operatic’ style is.
Have fun with this tone!🎵

Pavarotti Or Operatic Tone

The Benefits:
It is highly unlikely that you will apply this tone in such OTT ways that I demonstrate, but there are benefits of this open throat, open chest technique:
1. Usually the sound produced is warmer, ‘bigger’ deeper.
2. Use it when you want to add drama, for example the last verse of a song or a climactic moment in a line.
3. Link this to what you learned in Session 2, the earlier ‘Diction’ session on this Find Your Voice Mini course, to make your performances more dynamic.

I use this ‘Operatic’ tone in a lot at the workshops that I do.
Time and time again I watch as this ‘Pavarotti’ tone helps singers to work through their inhibitions and vocal ‘shyness’.

Enjoy experimenting. Bring the drama!😊

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