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Dear ‘Find your Voice’ explorer

I really enjoyed putting it together for you and got quite excited, so brace yourself [!] as it is packed with lots of singing with technique examples and demos.  

Together we’ll go through vocal basics like breathing and warm-ups, explore your vocal tone and how to communicate the story of your song, we’ll look at stage presence and I’ll also include tips for your vocal well-being, including how to work with ‘stage fright’ or how to sing through a cold. This plus more including a complimentary one to one session where I get to hear you sing your song to me and comment on your progress.

Don’t feel you need to rush through this mini course tho.  Press pause or rewind to repeat the songs and then continue at your own pace. I’ve also provided lyric pdfs for the 3 songs we use in this ‘taster’ session – I hope they are helpful.

So looking forward to working with you.

Sing free. 

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