FYV Mini – Session 2 – Diction


Session 2 – Diction

What We Will Cover:
With tongue twisters and working on consonants and vowels, see how the beauty and power of diction can sharpen your song performance.

Sing Through.
Sing through the song ‘Little Love’ with me to get into our technique today.

Diction exercises
1. Try this tongue twister. ‘Red lorry, yellow lorry’.
If it helps, start slower so that your tongue, teeth and lips can ‘learn’ the shapes.

2. Similar sounding consonants
This is one of my favourites exercises for really sharpening diction.
Take it slower at first so you can learn the flow and the ‘language’ of the consonants.
• Va and Fa
• Pa and Ba

Well done – your diction is on the way👍🏽
Sing through ‘Little Love’ again to apply your diction technique.

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