FYV Mini – Session 3 – Tone


Session 3 – Tone

Session Notes.
Technique – Tone
Quick questions: Can you describe your vocal tone? What does your voice sound like?
Don’t worry if you don’t know this as we’ll be exploring one or two of the other vocal tones or ‘colours’ available to you on this Mini-course.

Sing Through
Enjoy the smile tone of ‘Little Love’

Vocal Tones
Tone – The Smile Tone.
We’ll talk further about this in more detail in the full course but a gentle smile puts everything in the right place for what I call the ‘smile’ tone. It’s warm and bright and open. 😊

We explore 3 or 4 other vocal tones in the full Find Your Voice course but today I wanted to start with this gentle tone to get us underway.

Experiment with not smiling and singing and then adding a gentle smile and singing.
Can you hear the difference?

Better still try it out with someone else (they need to be looking the other way). Can they tell when you are smiling and singing? Does their vocal tone or the sound of their voice change?

Try adding the warmth of your smile to your vocal tone as you sing 'Little Love' or one of your favourite songs.

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