FYV Mini – Session 5 – Celebrating Your Tone


Session 5 – Celebrating Your Tone

What We Will Cover:
This session I want to allow a little time (I wish I could give more) to celebrate your voice, your unique sound.

Do you know the sound of your voice? Can you describe your vocal tone?
I've asked this question before because it is important to know your sound, and because there are lots of different vocal tones out there. 🎶

Some other vocal tones we will explore on the full Find Your Voice course include:
• Breathy tone
• Nasal or ‘twang’ tone
…but this short session is about affirming your distinct and unique voice.

Sing Through
Sing through the song ‘Amazing Grace’, getting used to the longer phrases, the range and the breathing. (We will cover more of these things in both this Mini and the full Find Your Voice course).

Now, sing through ‘Amazing Grace’ once more, sing to hear your voice. Sing, as if no-one is listening 😊

Your Ordinary, Everyday Voice
Try not to compare your voice with others.
The full Find your Voice course will help you to understand how your voice works and encourage you to enjoy your sound.

In this Mini course, if you don't already, learn to love the ‘this is me’ unique quality of your voice.

Your voice matters!

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