FYV Mini – Session 7 – Breathing


Session 7 – Breathing

What We Will Cover:
One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is ‘why am I always running out of breath?’ Join me in our final session on this Find Your Voice Mini course, as we walk around one of the ‘power-houses’ of our voice.
We’ll look at tried and tested techniques as we explore three different types of breathing and blow up imaginary balloons!

On the full Find Your Voice course we will talk about the difference between 3 types of breathing, chest breathing, rib breathing, and abdominal breathing but on this Find Your Voice Mini course let’s start with inflating a balloon!

Just simply imagine that you have a balloon in the place of your lungs and inflate that balloon. Your stomach and waist should also feel the expansion.

Exercise 1.
Take the time to slowly release that breath through a hiss.

Exercise 2:
You can modify this exercise slightly by releasing the breath through a series of hisses over the count of eight.

Developing your breathing which is also closely related to stamina will enhance your vocal performance and is one of the reasons why I call it a powerhouse for your voice.

Further performance practice:
Sing through the song ‘Lord Save’ to practice your breathing and bring in other technique you've learned on this Find Your Voice Mini Course.

Thank you and hopefully see you soon...
I do hope you've found this Find Your Voice Mini course helpful in some way and I look forward to working with you and your voice on the full Find Your Voice course.

I also run complimentary online meet-ups for all the Find Your Voice students at least 3 times a year where you can share tips and technique that have worked for you, where you can ask any vocal questions you have and also pick up some more vocal help and tuition from me in our meet-up, so hopefully I'll get to see you at those free Find Your Voice meet-up sessions too. 🤗

In the meantime,
Peace and

Sing Free🎶

Geraldine L

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