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How do I sing without losing my breath?



Session 6 – Operatic Tone

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What We Will Cover:

We will look at the operatic tone quality in this short session.  

These highly trained operatic singers are using tried and tested techniques. 

We get to learn a little from their skills today!

Vocal Tones 

As we said earlier in this mini course there are a lot of vocal tones ‘out there’ and available for you to explore and maybe adopt for your vocal adventures. 

Sing Through

Make some room now ? to sing through ‘Amazing Grace’ with whatever you think an ‘operatic’ style is.

Have fun with this tone!

Pavarotti Or Operatic Tone


It is highly unlikely that you will apply this tone in such OTT ways that I demonstrate, but there are benefits of this open throat, open chest technique:

  • Usually the sound produced is warmer, ‘bigger’ deeper.
  • Use it when you want to add drama, for example the last verse of a song or a climactic moment in a line.  
  • Link this to what you learned in the earlier ‘Diction’ session to make your performances more dynamic. 

I use this ‘Operatic’ tone in a lot at the workshops that I do.  

Time and time again I watch as this ‘Pavarotti’  tone helps singers to work through their inhibitions and vocal ‘shyness’ 

Enjoy experimenting.  Bring the drama!

You made it!

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