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Singers struggling with confidence and singing style can get to the next level, grow their singing ability and launch their career by using this FREE guide.

Here’s my eBook which will help you get started with Vocal WarmUps and Vocal Agility. This will launch you in your singing journey

This guide includes all audio to sing along with, Lead Sheets, Song Sheets and backing track for you to practice.

It takes you from basic vocal production to exploring your very own vocal tone, from checking out basic tools for improvisation to knowing your body language when it comes to stage presence.

This book is taken from the The ‘Find your Voice’ course is an ideal place to discover with Geraldine the amazing qualities in your voice.

If you venture into the Find Your Voice course you will quickly realise that I have been encouraged and massively supported by two people. Carey my husband and wonderful accompanist, score arranger and patient engineer and also my amazing webmaster brother who eats website codes and font style guides for breakfast!

I couldn’t have done this without them but I know they have not just done this as a favour to me or as a functional exercise. They really believe in the value, beauty and freeing qualities of this course and I do hope you are able to join us soon to discover if this is for you.

Why not check out the introductory video to find out more about joining the ‘Find Your Voice’ community.

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