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How am I going to run an online choir rehearsal without an accompanist?
I love running online sessions for my choir but just need some new ideas.
I feel uninspired and a little scared about running an online rehearsal.
I wish I could hear the other choir harmonies in our online rehearsal.
Everyone else seems to cope so well with online rehearsals. What do I have to offer to my choir?

Hello to all you leaders of choirs and singing groups.

In chatting with some of you as choir leaders these valid questions often arise and so in response to that I’d like to present my latest guide, ‘First Steps to Running a Successful Online Choir Rehearsal’

Full of practical advice and including a stack of free resources provided for you as a choir leader I trust this will supply you with the practical help that you need whether you are starting out as a leader or are experienced in your choir leading skills and gifts.

This season has thrown a lot of curveballs and challenges our way but I know for sure that those in your online choir rehearsals will really appreciate the fact that you gather them to do the thing they love to do – to sing.

And so, I applaud your courage (even those of you who may not feel very courageous) and your creativity (even when you feel uninspired) and your perseverance (even when you have felt exhausted) and I hope this ‘First Steps to Running a Successful Online Choir Rehearsal’ guide will be the sound of loud cheering and encouragement for you in these days. 

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