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How to Warm Up your Singing Voice in ONE Minute


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Your voice is a gift and I would love to encourage you to actively explore your voice in ordinary, everyday places.

That’s why I love ‘Find Your Voice Fridays’ [FYV Fridays].

Regular, planned and prepared vocal exercises are vital for consistent vocal development, but we don’t need to always wait for the ‘perfect’ moment to warm up our voices. You can develop better breathing stamina even as you walk around, or if you are waiting for something – your voice will thank you for connecting those vocal folds with a gentle hum or siren.

So for your ongoing vocal care, do join me on ‘Find Your Voice Fridays’ as I share vocal warm-ups and tips in regular every day situations to help keep your voice connected and inspired when you’re on the go.

So today, I’m delighted to feature Sam Wakeford in our first FYV Fridays this year. Warm-up your vocal folds with Sams helpful vocal excercise today.

Sam’s outstanding voice has brought delight to many people and we have been blessed BLESSED to know Sam performing both as a student in our choir at LST and singing on our ‘Can You See It? album with our vocal group, Vocal Hub and since then at various concerts with us including BBC appearances.

…and oh my goodness just heard his oh so soulful tones in his brand new release ‘Something Special’. I remember he started some of the ideas for this song in one of Carey’s creativity classes at LST and I would love you to celebrate his God-gift with me and check out his stunning vocal creativity as well as the message of his song ‘let’s make this year something special…’

? Listen Now

There you go! Find Your Voice Fridays to encourage you to keep your voice healthy and active, to inspire you as you connect in with the warm-ups of other singers and to help you to ‘Sing Free’.

I am cheering you on.

See you on Friday?


Geraldine L

You made it!

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