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How Do I Sing With More Emotion?


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In this first session we cover Dynamics – basically,  the difference between loud and quiet or loud and soft.

It’s all about the drama contrast.

Sing through ‘Little Love’ to practice the loud and soft contrast.

  • Between the last two lines ‘A little love’.  Experiment with one line louder than the other it doesn’t matter which line is loud or soft – just enjoy the contrast..
  • Then try contrasting loud and soft contrast with whole sections of the song.  For example between the verse and the chorus.

It might sound like something we learn at primary school, but dynamics is one of our secret weapons in telling the story.

Dynamics benefits

Contrast in dynamics can help to

  • 1. Interpret your song or tell the story
    2. Bring ‘the drama’
  • 3. Change the mood or intensity of your song


Just a note of caution to be able to use dynamics well, to project/sing loudly or contrast with singing softly you need to have a good breathing to control your dynamics. 

Not to worry though, we talk about breathing in another part of both the Mini and Full Find Your Voice course.

You made it!

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