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How to write a song with someone when you don’t know where to start?


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Have you ever wanted to write a song with someone but don’t know where to start? 

Maybe you are someone who has lots of melodies but don’t consider yourself to be very good at lyrics or vice versa, you’re fine with words but don’t know where to start on the melody.

Hear from other songwriters with these and other questions in our vid discussions, as Carey and I share the experience of co-writing with our gifted, creative, thoughtful and expressive songwriting friends.

Introducing ‘Songwriting Saturdays – The Collaboration Interviews!’

It has been a joy and a surprise to see the range and diversity of  songs that have come from our collabs, from a neo-soul praise song (‘Garments of Praise’, with Hannah, Sarah and Aydee), or writing a song for a gospel, community choir (‘Shine On’ with Emma and Jo) to a full blown 5-verse hymn (‘To Us He Came’ with Kate Simmonds).

And there are more, so watch this space…

Such fun, happy days, being stretched,  learning not only how to share ideas but how to let go of our ‘this is the best line I’ve ever written’ ideas; we’ve been challenged to think differently about how lyrics come together or the way that melody rises and falls; and exploring with our friends questions around who the song is for and where the song is headed has been really instructive including how to know that the song is ‘done, or when to stop writing.

So we kick off with the ‘Shine On’ collab with Emma and Jo – find out how we came up with the initial ideas, deal with writers block, ‘who did what’ and how we involved the choir in the writing process too. 

We answer questions like:-
What’s the hardest thing about songwriting?
How do you start to write a song?
Top tips for songwriters

We have learned so much in our songwriting collabs with friends,  and we would love to share some of the wisdom, results, fun and reflections with you and hope that they encourage you to continue or even begin to write with others. 

Songwriting Saturdays – The Collab Interviews.  Every Month

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