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First Steps to Running a Successful Online Choir eBook

How am I going to run an online choir rehearsal without an accompanist?I love running online sessions for my choir but just need some new ideas.I feel uninspired and a little scared about running an online rehearsal.I wish I could hear the other choir harmonies in our online rehearsal.Everyone else

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Music To Help You Find Peace

Listen to thie post below Hello again everyone You may be aware of our new ‘Soaking: Music for Prayer’ project available on our YouTube channel dBCo – Sounds of Worship. If you need music for contemplation, or quiet reflection, or if you are looking for music to accompany your times

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Are You Living Without Fear?

Hello again (Here is an audio version of this blog) I want to offer you a free preview gift of our song ” No More Fear”. It is based on a phrase in the Bible,  “Perfect love expels all fear” [1 John 4:18 NLT]  which goes on to say, “if

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Download the free guide to Vocal Agility

Singers struggling with confidence and singing style can get to the next level, grow their singing ability and launch their career by using this FREE guide. Here’s my eBook which will help you get started with Vocal WarmUps and Vocal Agility. This will launch you in your singing journey This

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virtual remote choir rehearsals

How To Set Up and Lead A Virtual Zoom Choir Rehearsal

? Listen to this post Hello to all you brave, courageous choir leaders, worship leaders out there. Thinking of you as we work with the challenges and journal the successes of connecting with our choirs and congregations online. A few of you have asked if I could talk about how

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Geraldine Latty Concert

How Can I Turn My Prayers Into A Song

Listen to this post below While her youngest daughter was asleep in the pushchair, and a few days into lockdown my sister-in-law Hannah [a gifted singer-songwriter] had a song idea while prayer-walking around one of the beautiful lakes at Ashburnham Place. [She is one of the directors there]. “I love

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What Are You Hoping For?

Listen to this post – Download ? “I hope it doesn’t rain”“I hope lockdown ends soon”“I hope we get to see the family”“I hope I can help”“I hope I don’t get coronavirus”“I hope they recover soon” I’m sure you can add your own ‘hope-so’ to my list above A number

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